How do I cancel my order?

Drop a text saying “CANCEL – order number*” via SMS on 9649524209
You can also send an e-mail to or requesting the same

Cash on Delivery Orders:

If the situation ever arises where you’re inclined to cancel your order and you don’t have a Time Turner, you’d have to do so before the order is shipped out from our facility. Our production team has borrowed powers from The Flash to make your cases superfast. However, in certain cases, your order might’ve already been shipped and past that point, cancellations may not be possible.
If you still wish to not accept the order, all you have to do is reject the package upon delivery. If you aren’t home when the package arrives, please keep your family or your neighbors informed to not collect the order. Once an order is delivered, it will not be eligible for return.

Prepaid Orders:

Prepaid orders can be cancelled at any instance, but it has to be done within the first four hours of placing the order to get a refund to your original payment method. Past that point, the refund shall be credited to your hindustan mobile account. Please note that a refund will take 5-7 days to reflect in your original bank account.

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