OPPO Tempred glass OG 6D

  1. Anti Fingerprint
  2. Scratch Proof
  3. Edge to Edge glass
  4. High Touch Sensitivity
  5. Anti-Glare Eye Protection
  6. HD Ultra Clearness



SPACIFICATION of OG 6D Tempred Glass

  1. Anti Fingerprint
  2. Scratch Proof
  3. Hardness 9H
  4. Easy to stick
  5. Large ARC Edge
  6. Edge to Edge glass
  7. High Touch Sensitivity
  8. Anti-Glare Eye Protection
  9. HD Ultra Clearness
  10. Waterproof
  11. Anti-bubble

High Quality Original 6D glass

Additional information

Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 10 × 6 × 3 cm
Oppo model Number

A11K, A1K, A33/A53, A3s, A5(2020)/A9(2020), A5s, A9(OLD MODEL), F11, F11 PRO, F15, F17, F17 PRO, F19, F19 PRO, F9/F9pro, oppo A15/A15s, oppo A31, OPPO A54, OPPO A7, RENO 2F/RENO 2Z, RENO 3 PRO

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